Telephone: +1(868)-309-0062

​Adress: Buccoo Point 26A, Buccoo 

About Tobago

Tobago is one of the two islands that make up the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago. The island lies outside of the hurricane belt, and the tropical climate is ideal for adventures on land, at sea, or underwater - there are countless possibilities, limited only by your time and preference!

You can take a hike through the forests to one of the hidden waterfalls in the lush, mountainous Nature Reserve, and explore the abundant variety of tropical species and migratory birds. Come relax and tan under the sunny skies on our white and brown sandy beaches. Enjoy a fishing or snorkeling trip to explore our world famous Buccoo Reef and refreshing Nylon Pool. Tobago is home to one of the most pristine dive sites, untainted and full of corals. Join the weekly "Sunday School" outdoor party in Buccoo and dance the night away to steel pan performances, live DJ, and delicious local cuisine. 

Some good to know information  

Telephone Country Code for Trinidad & Tobago: +868 plus 7 digit number.

Location: Tobago is found on Latitude 11° N, Longitude 61° W and it's land area is 300 square km (116 square miles) 

Time: GTM -4/EST +1.

Temperature: Mean annual temperature 29°C (range 22-35° C) with average rainfall of 200cm (40ins)

Dry Season: January to May – Wet season: June to December

Departure Tax: Now included in the cost of the airline ticket.

Electricity supply: 115v/230v, 60Hz (USA-style plug)

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